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Episode 138

Our Wins and Losses in 2018 & How YOU Can Take Massive Action in 2019

Exactly a year ago, we did an episode on our wins and losses in 2017, and the feedback was amazing on the episode.

So, we decided to go back at it and share our wins, losses, and lessons learned from 2018.

The biggest difference this year is we really went deep on the practical applications, so you can take massive action in 2019.

Because the truth is, we can all have goals, a vision, and the quote on quote perfect blue print for getting shit done in 2019, but life doesn’t allow that to happen ?

We all go through losses and adversity each year and we need them to develop calluses on our brains that leads to more mental toughness. Kind of like getting calluses on your hands from working out and building muscle and strength.

But of course, there will be wins to celebrate as well!

Enjoy this solo round podcast and cheers to an amazing 2019.

In this episode

  • Our TOP wins of 2018 and the lessons learned
  • Our Top losses of 2018, how it helped us develop mental calluses, and some of the big takeaways to apply in 2019
  • 10 of our very best practical applications so you can take massive action in 2019
"Nothing Is Ever Going to Be Perfect When you Start it, the Key is to Just Key Started and Fine Tune Everything"

In this episode, you will learn:

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