Chad Landers

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Episode 137

Behind the Scenes of Being a Celebrity Personal Trainer for 16 Years with Chad Landers

These days in the fitness industry, a gym owner is lucky to be able to keep the doors open for a few years.

With all the competition out there, such as crossfit, big box gyms, mom and pop gyms, F45, Orange theory, etc. It is tough for a gym owner to stay in business.

What if we told you our good friend, Celebrity Personal Trainer, and gym owner of Push Private Fitness in LA, has been in business for 16 years.

Pretty crazy right?

We had the pleasure to sit down with Chad, in his awesome gym, and dive deep on some of the behind the scenes stuff on being a celebrity personal trainer, how to keep the gym doors open for so long, and much more.

Get ready to meet, Celebrity Personal Trainer, and all around amazing individual, Chad Landers.

In this episode

  • Some of the behind the scenes action as being a celebrity personal trainer
  • How Chad came from Illinois, to Las Vegas, and then to LA to open up his private gym
  • His experience on there being more pressure put on a personal trainer to deliver results to celebrities and what some of the challenge’s were he faced when training celebs
"You Have to Commit to your Health and Believe in Yourself"

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Some of the behind the scenes action on being in business in 16 years in Los Angeles and in such a tough industry
  • What were some obstacles and adversity Chad faced as an entrepreneur when he first started PUSH Private Fitness
  • If he had to do this all over again, knowing what he knows now, would he do anything differently and ways to cut the learning curves in half

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