Noah Kingery

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Episode 134

Extreme 190 Pound Weight Loss and Overcoming Addiction with Noah Kingery

In this episode, we have an amazing guest, Noah Kingery.

Noah’s story is much deeper than an extreme 190-pound weight loss story.

He also left playing professional soccer, overcoming addiction, gaining 210 pounds in a year, losing his father to cancer, and completely transforming his life.

We’ve had some incredible conversations and stories on the Dynamic Lifestyle Podcast, but this is one that you will truly be inspired by.

Noah has also been featured in the “Doctors Show,”,” “Men’s Health,” and “The New York Times.”

So, we are grateful to have had this opportunity to sit down with Noah and talk about his amazing story!

In this episode

  • His battles with addiction, how he overcame them, and what he learned from them
  • What sparked his incredible 190-pound weight loss transformation
  • Some of his secret coaching tips to manage over 100 clients around the world
"Turn Your Grief Into Gratitude"

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to overcome “temporary escapes that slowly destroy you over time”
  • The major publications Noah has been featured in, how he landed all of these amazing opportunities, and what were his biggest takeaways from them
  • Noah’s incredible life transformation and some of the key lessons he is teaching his clients and community

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