Sophie and Adi Jaffe

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Episode 135

How to IGNITE Your Relationships, Career, and Well-Being with Sophie and Adi Jaffe

In this episode, we have another duo!

Except, this duo is married ?

We had the pleasure to sit down with the amazing power couple, Sophie and Adi Jaffe

Sophie and Adi are the founders and creators of IGNTD…IGNTD is their gift to the world, utilizing their expertise of physical and mental health, nutrition, exercise, neuroscience and self-actualization.

Their mission is to ignite everyone they work with across every facet of life, relationships, career, and well-being.

This was a lot of fun because Sophie and Adi are very open and transparent, so it made for a really great conversation around real world issues that a lot of people face in today’s society.

Get ready for this one!

In this episode

  • Their number 1 piece of advice for those that are in relationships currently
  • How social media can have a negative effect on relationships and how to go about it
  • Their thoughts on if someone goes through a breakup, do they need to give themselves time to heal and not get back into a relationship right away or should they do the opposite
"Turn Your Pain Into Triumph"

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Adi, battled with his addictions, how he overcame them, and what he learned from them
  • Sophie and Adi’s Key Ingredients on How to create a successful relationship in 2019
  • When one person in a relationship has a history of addiction (alcohol, drugs, sex, food) what you can do to make that relationship successful again

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