Diana Mills

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Episode 136

The Power Behind Putting on Your Daily Mental Armor to Empower Others with Diana Mills

If you are a fitness enthusiast like we are…you are in for a treat ?

The first reason being, you’ve probably heard of the fitness icon and mega brand, Les Mills.

Les Mills, a four-time Olympian, founded his first gym in his garage in Auckland, New Zealand. This was 50 years ago, back before personal fitness was even really a thing.

Secondly, we sat down, with Les Mills grand daughter, Diana Mills.

Diana has spent the past twenty years finding her place in the family business, starting in her grandfather’s gym at the age of 12.

But it’s been her unique perspective as a mother of four that has helped her find her niche.

Today, as the Creative Director of the brand, Diana is leveraging her firsthand experience getting back into shape after childbirth (four times) to create new offerings that appeal to new audiences in the wildly competitive fitness space.

So, get ready to learn from the one, the only, mom, wife, entrepreneur, and overall bad ass, Diana Mills.

In this episode

  • What made her get into the family business and is this her true WHY and PURPOSE in life
  • How she got the Belief and Courage to pursue her dreams while being a mother of 4 and why she gives her kids a bullet proof ego
  • Her strong purpose to change humanity through fitness, more love, being united and empowering women
"Always take the jump and sleep when you’re dead"

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The Key lessons she’s learned under the Les Mills Company and that’s staying open and trusting, sticking to your morals, your why, and knowing not everyone is in it for the same reasons as you are
  • The power behind putting on your daily mental armor each morning to confront your self-doubt and look at it in an observance point of view
  • A detailed day in the life of Diana Mills being a business owner, fitness enthusiast, mother, and wife

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