Casey Zeman

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Episode 139

The Power of Being Yourself to Building a Dynamic Webinar and Raising the Stakes with Casey Zeman

Happy New Year and cheers to an amazing 2019 ?

We are pumped to start this year off with an amazing conversation we had with Casey Zeman.

Casey has an incredible story, he comes from a love for acting and singing, then got into real estate, online marketing, and now he’s the CEO of Easy Webinar.

This was a powerful conversation we had because we went deep on how to create a dynamic webinar for your business in 2019 and why its so important, but we also dove into some awesome stories Casey was willing to share with us.

The one that stood out and you don’t want to miss is when he went to Haiti to physically go through the adoption process and bringing his two sons’ home.

Without further ado, lets get to know the one, the only, Casey Zeman.

In this episode

  • How do build a dynamic webinar and why its so important to do so in 2019
  • The power behind being your authentic self instead of trying to be someone you are not supposed to be
  • Why creating strong goals and raising the stakes will make you succeed
"Being empathetic and compassionate is key to happiness and bringing everyone together"

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Casey’s incredible story on how he went to Haiti, battled the adoption process, and brought his two sons’ home
  • How he used his acting background to create his YouTube courses and eventually his powerhouse webinar software-Easy Webinar
  • Why you shouldn’t ever settle on who you are, being happy in the journey, and always striving to be better and better

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