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Episode 123

The Biggest Business Mistakes That Costed Us Over $250K

If we could only travel back into a time machine, 8 years ago, when we first started our business. But on a serious note, we know that’s not realistic. The truth is, we made over $250,000 worth of business mistakes.

A lot of them were in the first 6 years because of the following:

  • We were impatient
  • Constantly chased shiny objects
  • Always compared ourselves to others
  • Too stubborn to hire people to help us
  • We didn’t simplify things enough
  • And ultimately, we weren’t clear on our big WHY within our business.

In this episode, you are in for a treat, as we tell real life stories about our business mistakes, what we learned from them, and some practical steps so you can avoid the same business mistakes we made.

Without further ado, lets dive into it!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Some of the biggest business mistakes we made that costed us $250,000
  • Real life stories and lessons learned that we share from our business mistakes
  • Practical steps on how to avoid the same mistakes we made

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