Craig Ballantyne

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Episode 124

How to Create the Perfect Day to Become More Productive with Craig Ballantyne

Man, oh man are we excited about this conversation we had with the man, the myth, the legend…Craig Ballantyne!

We have been following Craig’s work for quite some time now since he started as a personal trainer, created a lot of fitness products, and wrote a ton of books like we have.

What’s even more interesting about Craig, is he now has transitioned out of the fitness industry to be more aligned within his true purpose and gifts in life and that is to coach high-performing CEOs, entrepreneurs, actors, authors, and executives in dozens of industries to increase their own income and impact, and to ensure extraordinary results in every area of life.

Now that is awesome!

We also dive into Craig’s “Perfect Day Formula,” his “magic time” that he feels everyone should have, and how he got the reputation of being called the “World’s Most Productive Man.”

Let’s get into it!

In this episode

  • His perfect day formula, how you can do it, and why it leads you to feeling unstoppable in life
  • The struggles he faced when transitioning from a personal trainer to now coaching others to create more income and impact
  • Why everyone should implement “magic time” in the morning to lead to a more productive and perfect day

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Craig used to take advantage of “the slivers of time” in-between personal training sessions and how it boosted his productivity
  • Craig’s detailed day to day life that has people calling him the “worlds most productive man” and how you can start implementing some of his rituals into your days
  • How being raised on a farm led to Craig’s insane work ethic, productivity, and results

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