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Episode 81

How to Get Through the Dark Times in Life…Our Entire Story Revisited

We get asked a lot about how we got to Los Angeles, how we built our online coaching business, acquired our mentors, get to live the lifestyle we live every day, etc.

It’s been a while since we have gone back in time and told all the details from A-Z about our story and our journey the past 14 years.

In episode 81, we dive into all the details… we become vulnerable, emotional, and raw with our story and journey.

This is a special episode with no Bullshit.

This is us being 100% honest with you on what we have overcome the past 14 years, how we got to where we are at today, and how you can get through the dark times in your life too.

So, get ready!

And before we get started, thank you so much for the constant support and listening to this episode, it means the world to us.

In this episode

  • The night our lives changed when we lost our father and the adversity we dealt with for 6 long years and how we overcame it
  • The turning point where we said, “enough is enough” and started to make a change for the better
  • How we masked the pain we were going through by building our business
  • The mentors and coaches we acquired that changed our lives
  • 6 action steps that we’ve learned the past 14 years that you don’t want to miss out on

In this episode, you will learn:

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