Bill Campbell

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Episode 82

From a Career in Sales to Bodybuilding Researcher with Bill Campbell

It’s not an everyday common thing to hear someone go from being a true in the trenches salesman specifically selling bug and weed killers to a exercise science professor researching bodybuilding and physique development.

In episode 82, we sat down with Professor Bill Campbell from the University of South Florida.

What’s interesting about Bill’s story is he used to be a salesman and he hit a turning point in his life where he took a risk and followed his true passion with fitness and health.

Now he is at one of the top Universities in the country, conducting research, teaching, and making a difference in the scientific community and fitness industry.

We have a good one in store for you ladies and gents…

So, no multi-tasking on this one, just full attention, and learning headphones on.

In this episode

  • What the driving force was for him to leave being a salesman and become an exercise science professor
  • What makes his USF lab unique from all the other amazing research labs
  • His thoughts on where the scientific literature and fitness industry will be in the next 5 years
  • A day in the life of Professor Bill Campbell

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What Bill learned from being in business and how he still uses it in his current profession today
  • The one pillar he is missing in life right now (health, wealth, love and happiness)
  • What Bill fears the most in life right now and going forward
  • Some of the adverse situations he faced when becoming a professor and what he learned from them

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