Molly Galbraith

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Episode 128

Overcoming Dissatisfaction with Your Body Image and Empowering Women to be STRONG with Molly Galbraith

Did you know that 80% of women in US and Canada are dissatisfied with their body image?

What if we told you that 81% of 10-year old’s have been on a diet and mothers are the number one influence on young girls and their body image?

Well, our Rockstar guest today, Molly Galbraith, has a HUGE mission to help deal with women’s body image and self-worth.

Molly uses fitness as the vehicle throughout where she carries her ultimate mission and her ultimate mission is to create environments for women where they feel strong, welcome, comfortable, resilient, safe, in charge of their bodies, and envisioning a hopeful future for themselves.

Now that is what we call creating IMPACT!

Molly is also the co-founder of Girls Gone Strong, a movement started in2011 by seven women who wanted to change the landscape of nutrition and training information for women.

Plus, she’s an all-around bad ass!

We had the pleasure to sit down with her and have an amazing conversationabout women overcoming dissatisfaction with their body image and creating an empowering environment.

Here we go!

In this episode

  • The big WHY behind starting the amazing Girls Gone Strong Community and how it’s evolved the past 7 years
  • The importance of having both a mental and physical transformation in your health and fitness journey
  • How she overcame losing her dad, giving up a business, dealing with PCOS and autoimmune disease, gaining weight, ending a 6 year relationship, and moving back home
"Fitness is the Vessel Through Which I Carry out My Mission"

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How you can use fitness as a vehicle to overcome dissatisfaction with your body image and creating an empowering environment for yourself
  • Why your fitness goals are always deeper than just changing your body image or getting stronger and how to IDENTIFY this
  • Molly’s 4 BIGGEST pieces of advice for a fitness enthusiast so you can have a purposeful, enjoyful, and results driven health and fitness journey

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