Mike Zeller

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Episode 127

How to Find Your Calling Through Creating Moments in Life with Mike Zeller

We are excited to share this amazing conversation we had with Mike Zeller with you today!

Mike is a serial entrepreneur, business coach, speaker, has a masters degree in Christian Leadership, and an all-around great guy!

What we love about Mike is he has a huge heart for humanity, making the world a better place, and helping people find their true callings with creating moments in life.

Mike has a great story about when he was first working in real estate and had a lot of success, but it wasn’t serving him, and he knew it wasn’t his true calling in life.

So, he quit his real estate career, took a trip to Argentina, and found his true calling.

He calls this “creating moments in life” and he talks about how you can do them too.

Get ready for this one!

In this episode

  • Some of the mindset shifts he’s had since he first became an entrepreneur until now and how his mindset is constantly evolving
  • How he looks at his life like a book of moments and how you can start building your life book with your own moments
  • His thoughts on business exists first to serve the world and make it a better place and why profit is secondary but necessary for sustainability

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The key lessons Mike learned from being mentored under Tony Robbins and how you can apply them to your life
  • Mike’s 4 S’s in business and how they can impact your own business
  • His secret sauce aka habits, systems, and process’s on how he sustains multiple business’s and how you can too

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