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Episode 145

Q & A Round 2 with Chris and Eric

Ding Ding Ding! Let’s get ready to RUMBLEEEEEE!

You heard it, that’s the sound for round 2 of a Question and Answer episode with us 😊

Our first Q & A episode was a ton of fun, great questions, and we provided a lot of value.

That’s why we are pumped to bring you round 2!

Make sure to checkout the questions below that were asked and give the awesome people a follow for asking questions.

Here we go!

"You Want to Create More Memories Than Dreams When it’s All Said and Done"

In this episode, you will learn:

1) Kris Giles @ohkris
Do you guys ever get bad clients and how do you handle them on a
professional level?

2) Sean Kenny @sean_kenny16
What are your top 3 books for our personal development and why?

3) Mark Belinsky @markbel_fitness
What are your top accomplishments from a personal stand point? What
accomplishments are you most proud of?

4) Kim Burger @fit_kimmy
What is the first thing you do when a negative thought enters your head?

5) Latrell Levanduski @latrelllevanduski
What biggest failure along your guys journey in life taught you the most
about yourself and or about being the best coaches/mentors possible?

6) James Sante @j___sante
Would you rather train like hell for a boxing match, full marathon,
powerlifting meet, or bodybuilding show?

7) Brielle Nuzzo @mac_it_with_bre

If you have an online coaching client that signed up for 3 months and has
only paid for one month, has canceled their card after reaching out
multiple times. What do you suggest to not let this happen in the future?

8) Christina Williams (Facebook)
What’s the best piece of advice for creating content on IG?

9) Alan Chen (Facebook)
How do you find a good mentor/business coach today with so many
people DMing you with their services?

10) Brittany Thomas (Facebook)
What nationality are you guys?

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