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Episode 126

Our Real-Life Stories on Sacrificing to Get to The Next Level

What is it in your life that you want to SACRIFICE to get to the next level?

What do you need or want “to give up or willingly stop doing to get something more important?” 

What do you need to SACRIFICE?

Examples could be bad habits, luxuries, TV, aimless scrolling on social media, etc.

I’m a big believer that if you want to get to the next level in your life, business, fitness, what have you…you need to make small, medium, or big SACRIFICES.

In this solo round episode, we dive deep into some real-life stories we have gone through the past decade and how we had to SACRIFICE for a result.

We also have a cool and helpful exercise at the end that you want to check out.

Without further ado, lets dive into it!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • 4 of our real-life stories we share and how we had to sacrifice for a result
  • How these sacrifices created life lessons that can never be bought or replaced and how you can do the same
  • Practical steps on how to strategically sacrifice for a result

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