Chris Harder

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Episode 121

Overcoming a Stripped Identity and Starting from Scratch with Chris Harder

Have you ever gone through a point in your life where you were having identity issues, feeling lost, facing tons of adversity?

We all go through this in life, whether its more frequent, or more severe, and to be honest, sometimes we just need to start from scratch.

Its kind of like a house, there comes a time where you just have to tear the whole thing down and build it back from the ground up.

Well, in this awesome episode, we sat down with Rockstar entrepreneur and philanthropist, Chris Harder.

Chris has an amazing story and background, coming from corporate America in sales, finances, and management.

He has a ton of experience, knowledge, and a huge heart to help change humanity.

Get ready to know the one, the only, Chris Harder!

In this episode

  • His amazing experience, story, and new appreciation for life after visiting Europe with his wife Lori for a month
  • The importance of being intentional with relationships as much as being intentional with business
  • Why everyone should experiment with a mandatory one-hour barrier built into their day

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Chris’s $18,000 domain investment, how he sat on it for a year, and then turned it into an amazing podcast and business
  • If you are stuck or trying to get to the next level, why its so vital to change your tribe and who you are listening to
  • How Chris had his identity stripped from him due to his lowest point in life and how he overcame it

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