Mike Arce

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Episode 113

How to Get a Live Event Up in 29 Days with Mike Arce

Picture this…

You decide to host a live event.

You first want it to be small and get about 20 people to attend.

But then, you end up getting 89 registrations, close to 20 awesome speakers, and you only have 29 days to do this.

Would you think it’s possible?

Well, our friend, and mentor, Mike Arce, put together a 2-day fitness studio business conference with his amazing team in just 29 days!

We were so impressed with Mikes conference, customer service, experience, the speakers, the content, and the fact that he did this all in just 29 days, we knew we had to have him on the podcast to discuss this incredible 29-day journey.

If you are considering putting together a live event, then you don’t want to miss the golden nuggets, lessons, and key advice Mike has for you.

Here we go!

In this episode

  • How he put together a live 2-day fitness studio business conference together in just 29 days
  • The key lessons he learned in 29 days with putting a live event together
  • Its all about the experience for the speakers, host, audience, and staff when putting together a live event
  • The big vision behind GSD Con and what it entails

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Mike saw there was a need for fitness business studio owners because a lot of other conferences aren’t quality, the overall experience lacks, the speakers aren’t very good, so he filled that gap by putting his own event together
  • One of Mikes biggest takeaways was giving his team the confidence that they can get anything done as long as they have a deadline
  • His thought process when he was putting together the speaker line up and got speakers that went from 0-85,000 paying members, opened multiple fitness studio locations, studio owners going from bankrupt to having to restart from scratch, and more
  • Why if you are a fitness studio owner, you won’t want to miss GSD Con 2019

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