Daniel Nyiri

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Episode 114

Coming to the US with $150 and a Dream to End Obesity with Daniel Nyiri

Imagine this…

You come to America from Hungary with $150, you’re an ex professional hockey player, and you’ve had multiple jobs such as:

A personal trainer, waiter, bartender, model, and even coached kids with hockey.

Pretty crazy right?

Meet Daniel Nyiri!

Daniel has what we call “guts.” He also has an incredible and inspiring story and an enormous mission to end obesity and muscle atrophy for astronauts in NASA.

He’s also an entrepreneur, speaker, author, gym studio owner, and a cool-down to earth guy.

We had the pleasure meeting Daniel in Phoenix a month ago at GSD Con 2018 and we had an amazing conversation that you don’t want to miss.

Let’s get into it!

In this episode

  • The key lessons he learned coming to America at such a young age and with only $150 to his name
  • His incredible vision and mission to end obesity and muscle atrophy in space due to losing his grandparents
  • How to avoid big mistakes with brick and motor gyms and opening multiple locations and hiring staff

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Daniel stood out and separated his gym from thousands of others with his electrical muscle stimulation system
  • The steps he took from being a personal trainer for 4 years to now owning multiple gym studios
  • How his unique morning routine and day to day habits has impacted his life and business

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