Jason Rosell

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Episode 115

Being Bullied and Depressed Leads to Becoming a Reality TV Star and Celebrity Trainer with Jason Rosell

Have you ever wondered what the life of a reality TV star is like?

Literally the day to day life, the emotions, the struggles, the highs, etc.

What’s interesting is a lot of people think they have it easy and say things like “I wish I had their life.”

But, we don’t know how green the grass is until we A) have lived in it or B) talk to someone that has lived in it.

So, we took the latter and had the privilege to have an amazing conversation with reality TV star and celebrity trainer, Jason Rosell.

Jason goes deep about how growing up being bullied, dealing with anxiety, depression, his father leaving him and his mother, all led him to being the inspiring and motivating person he is today.

He also discusses how he got into reality TV, worked with celebrity clients, the highs and lows of a reality TV star, and much more.

You ready?


Let’s do it!

In this episode

  • How being bullied, being overweight, feeling like an outcast, dealing with depression and anxiety all fueled him to be a better version of himself
  • While growing up, alcohol and food were his best friends, and what that turning point was in his life to make a change for the better
  • His transition to doing fitness in 2010 after reality TV and focusing on lifestyle and wellness while helping people transform from the inside out

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Some of the behind the scenes discussions about the shows he appeared in such as: entourage season 3, The Steve Harvey show, all my children, and reality shows (I Love New York and I Love Money)
  • How Jason overcame living in shelter homes after his father left him and his mother and how it was a blessing in disguise to mold him into the man he is today
  • Why fitness saved his life and put him in a flow to do bigger and better things with his life that he ever imagined


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