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Episode 116

How to Manage Entrepreneurial Stress

Have you ever felt the following?

Blood boiling…

Knots in your shoulders and neck…

Taking deep breaths…

Pulling your own hair…

Lashing out on others…

These are all actions we perform when we are under stress.

A lot of us deal with stress differently and we aren’t here to tell you we have figured out the secret formula to deal with stress because let’s be honest, there probably isn’t a secret formula out there.

But, what we are here to discuss is practical ways we have learned to manage stress during our entrepreneurial journey the past 8 years.

These practical ways to manage stress that we have for you can help you be more focused, more relaxed, more productive, get shit done, and enjoy the crazy entrepreneurial journey that much more.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to not let stress steal your daily power and happiness
  • The 4 different types of stress we deal with and how to identify and manage them
  • Being too busy is BS, can lead to extra stress, and how to manage this
  • Practical ways you can manage stress starting today

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