Ortal Levitan

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Episode 112

The Latest and Most Effective Instagram Tips with Ortal Levitan

From the 1990’s-2000’s, social media was just beginning to come around.

Platforms such as, Myspace, Facebook, blogging, Instant messaging, etc.

Now if we look back from the 2010’s until today, social media has really taken off and changed the world.

Facebook has grown like crazy, YouTube is a monster itself, twitter emerged, LinkedIn, etc.

But the one social media platform that is really causing disruption and changing the game, is Instagram.

Everyone these days has an Instagram or loves Instagram.

Its constantly adding new features and evolving, to where it could be overwhelming, so that’s why we brought in Instagram expert, Ortal Levitan.

Ortal is helping many online businesses grow by specializing in Instagram.

She also has an amazing story, where she was in the Isralian Military for six years, then left her family and moved to Los Angeles to study Neuroscience, and now she is helping online businesses grow with her Instagram expertise.

You don’t want to miss her story and all her latest and effective Instagram strategies.

In this episode

  • The latest and most effective Instagram strategies
  • The importance of creating content calendars and schedules for effective Instagram usage
  • Her story on how studying neuroscience wasn’t exciting her and how she got into doing social media
  • Some of the big mistakes fitness influencers are making with Instagram

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to effectively use Instagram stories, live, and posts
  • How to best use Instagram for frequency of posting, engagement groups, and much more
  • Ortal’s tips for fitness influencers and enthusiasts to grow their Instagram’s
  • Some of the awesome and unique ways Ortal is helping online businesses grow through Instagram


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