Chris Ducker

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Episode 105

The Power Behind Being “YOU” All the Time with Chris Ducker

There’s something truly unique and magical about each one of us.

We feel we don’t give ourselves enough credit for it or we don’t like to double down enough on what our unique super powers are.

The power of being YOU all the time can lead to you doing what you do best.

Something someone else can never take from you because its YOU and your own unique strengths.

We had the pleasure of having a conversation with Chris Ducker, the world known bestselling author, speaker, entrepreneur and an expert in helping other experts become the “go to” leaders in their industries.

Chris is big on the power of YOU and building a brand behind you and your own unique super powers.

In this episode, we go deep behind the power of YOU, his story, his crazy health scare, and more.

In this episode

  • Why its so important to become a Youpreneur and what it consists of
  • His recent health scare, how he overcame it, and what he learned from it
  • Learning to be patient and get side tracked by so many shiny objects
  • His hilarious story about how he stole a Zig Ziglar Audio Cassette and what he learned from his punishment

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The importance of being YOU all the time
  • The power behind scheduling everything to be more productive
  • Understand that you have a unique super power and why you need to double down on it
  • Chris’s thoughts on if we are heading back towards more human interaction and human communication in business

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