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Episode 92

6 Keys to Winning in Life and Business

Winning in life isn’t a cake walk.

Nor is winning in business.

Both are 2 different animals that are very tough to win and be successful in.

The past decade we have had a lot of ups and a lot of downs.

We’ve also invested in ourselves and learned a ton from higher level masterminds, mentors, coaches, coaching days, traveling, conferences, self-education, etc.

We are by no means saying we have all the answers or secret formula to winning in business and life.

Rather, we’d like to share some key lessons we have learned and hope they can motivate, inspire, and add value to your life and business.

In this episode

  • Our 6 keys to winning in life and business and how you can apply them into yours
  • How to build a business around your ideal lifestyle as opposed to building your business first then your lifestyle
  • Developing a strong mindset where we feel there are 2 subcategories, a growth mindset and a relentless mindset
  • Building an “A” team around you and investing in relationship equity to set you up for playing the long game in life and business

In this episode, you will learn:

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