Justin Cener

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Episode 55

How to Mentally View Business as a Competition

If you’ve ever wanted to start an online apparel store then you are in for a treat in episode 55!

We have ecommerce and Shopify expert, Justin Cener, on the show discussing how he started a very successful online t-shirt boot camp and how you can literally start one too today.

Despite Justin’s expertise in ecommerce and his success, he has a remarkable story behind his journey and how he got to where he’s at.

We had the pleasure of meeting, learning, and hanging out with Justin at Tai Lopez’s mansion a few months back.

What’s also really unique about this episode is Justin’s mindset with business, he looks at it as a competition and that helps him stay sharp, focused, and hungry.

You will learn a ton in this episode about ecommerce and starting an online t-shirt store, but more importantly you will learn some invaluable life lessons from Justin himself that will motivate and inspire the hell out of you.

Notepads ready…

Do we have your full attention…?

Let’s get to know Justin Cener!

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Show Notes

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In this episode

  • What is ecommerce and why should everyone start an online t-shirt store
  • How he got into having an expertise in the online t-shirt niche
  • The importance of having coaches, mentors, and being a part of high level masterminds to reach your full potential
  • His 3 ninja tips an aspiring entrepreneur can do today to get started in the online t-shirt game

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to build your own online t-shirt store in less than 1 day
  • Justin’s key learning lessons from selling his first business and getting into the t-shirt business
  • His lowest point in life and how he overcame it
  • How he breaks up his day since the majority of his work is from home and from his computer

The New Era of Fitness

Our new physical paperback book is finally out!

We are pretty much giving it away “FREE” and giving away a “FEW BONUSES” along with it.

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