Jaiden Gross

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Episode 95

From Rags to Six Figure Social Media Marketing Entrepreneur with Jaiden Gross

Let’s start episode 95 off with this powerful quote from our mentor Philip McKernan:

“Where there is judgement, there is no growth.”

The reason this is so powerful is because our Rockstar guest, Jaiden Gross, has an incredible story with how judging himself for so long prohibited him from growing and being his true self.

Jaiden was taught at an early age by his parents to never be in the spotlight and to not have too much attention on himself.

This led to him acquiring a mind of scarcity, self-doubt, fear, and insecurity.

It wasn’t until Jaiden started working on his personal development, surrounding himself with intellectual people, and investing in himself, that led him to break out of his shell.

Jaiden also has a motivating story about how he went from rags to being a social media entrepreneur.

You don’t want to miss this one as its loaded with value and golden nuggets.

Without further ado, lets get to know the one, the only, Jaiden Gross!

In this episode

  • His dedication to countless hours and sleepless nights listening to greats like Tony Robbins and Jim Rohn
  • How being in Tai Lopez’s social media marketing program pushed him to create a six-figure business
  • Some of the biggest lessons he’s learned early on as a young social media marketing entrepreneur
  • His inspiring story on how he overcame fear, self-doubt and judgment, and how it led to him being the person he is today

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What motivated Jaiden to go from rags to a successful social media marketing entrepreneur
  • His 2 social media marketing tips he would give to an online fitness enthusiast who is looking to take their business from 5 to 6 figures
  • Some of the big mistakes he sees people doing with social media marketing and how to correct that
  • Why its good to be slightly delusional in life to have a competitive advantage in all areas

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