Sohee Lee

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Episode 75

How to be Mentally and Physically Fit with Sohee Lee


We are back this week with another amazing episode and guest for you.

In episode 75, we got to talk to the awesome Sohee Lee!

We’re sure a lot of you know of Sohee already, but for some of you that don’t, she’s a coach, author, speaker, student, and all around bad ass.

Sohee just launched her first book, major kudos to her on that accomplishment, so we wanted to talk to her about that, plus…

How to be mentally and physically fit, her day to day lifestyle, adversity she faced early in her life, her vision and purpose going forward, and more.

This episode will not only inspire you and motivate you, it will help you understand why fitness isn’t only about changing your body image, but more importantly about what Sohee calls it “Eat, Lift, and Thrive” in your life.

You ready to learn from Sohee?

Let’s do it!

Show Notes

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In this episode

  • Where the “Eat, Lift, and Thrive” concept originated
  • How she overcame her vicious eating disorder and what she learned from it
  • What separates her from other coaches and why you should learn to be unique in your own ways
  • What she does for her morning and wind down routine each day

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to not constantly compare your body image to others in a negative way
  • Sohee’s take on “Food is important, but not that important”
  • 3 practical tips from Sohee if you are an aspiring coach
  • Her surprising answer to what pillar she’s currently missing in life right now (4 Pillars- Health, Wealth, Love & Happiness)

Join our webinar on “How to Easily Create a Six-Figure Online Fitness Coaching Business” HERE



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