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Episode 130

Q&A And What We Did Before Building Dynamic Duo Training

If we travel back a decade ago, we were both working day jobs, and in fact, had quite a bit of odd jobs.

If it weren’t for launching Dynamic Duo Training in 2010, we’re not sure what we would be doing…

And that’s why we are pumped for this episode!

This is our first ever Question and Answer (Q & A) Episode, after 130 episodes.

This is how it worked…

Last week we put a Q & A post up on Facebook, Instagram, and for our newsletter community.

We chose 10 awesome questions from our Rockstar listeners.

And we did a solo round podcast episode and answered them in detail.

This was honestly a ton of fun!

Get ready for this Edu-Tainment (Education + Entertainment) episode ?

"Listen to Your GUT over GOOGLE"

In this episode, you will learn:

The 10 Questions We Answered…

  1. What does it mean to you guys to live with intent? What is your greatest life achievement?
  2. When you started growing your business how did you find “your people” to surround yourself with?
  3. During the first few years of your business what were some of the biggest challenges and how did you overcome them? In the first few years how did you build a following?
  4. Who wins in an arm wrestling match?
  5. What are your strength and weaknesses as individuals and how do you come together as one to make your business flow?
  6. What are your favorite sports to play and watch?
  7. How did you guys overcome the loss of your father? I have been dealing with a recent loss myself and need any advice possible.
  8. How do you guys get through the dark times of Entreprenuerism?
  9. What did you guys do as far as work before you started DDT and how did those skills carry over into it?
  10. If you could travel back to senior year in high school, would you go to college all over again or would you have gone a different route?

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