Paul Revelia

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Episode 49

From Computer IT Tech Career to Online Physique Coach with Paul Revelia

The word “Balance” gets thrown around a lot in today’s society.

Some say it doesn’t exist.

Some say it does.

Usually a lot of answers fall in the middle of both extremes.

Our guest in episode 49, Paul Revelia, has a unique point of view on “Balance.”

He’s a coach, entrepreneur, student, bodybuilder, father, and husband. So, he has a lot of experience testing this “balance” thing out in life and he has some wise golden nuggets for you today.

Besides talking about “Balance,” Paul has an awesome story on how he used to be in the computer IT business for a long time and slowly transitioned into an online physique coach.

Paul is also an awesome and down to earth dude and we had the pleasure of meeting him in L.A back at the Fit Expo.

Without further ado, let’s get to know Paul.

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Show Notes

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In this episode

  • Some of the major obstacles he faced when transitioning as a coach in the fitness industry
  • What sparked that burning desire to go back to school for exercise science
  • His unique definition of the word “Balance”
  • The fulfillment he gets out of being a physique coach

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What a day in the life of Paul Revelia looks like (what he does from morning to night)
  • Paul’s lowest point in life and how he overcame it
  • His 1 minute viral message to over a billion viewers
  • If Layne Norton and Paul had a dance off, who’s moves would be better and who would win

The New Era of Fitness

Our new physical paperback book is finally out!

We are pretty much giving it away “FREE” and giving away a “FEW BONUSES” along with it.

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