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Episode 15

Overcoming Fear and Utilizing the Law of 33%

DDT Nation…how are we doing? In episode 15, we are going a solo round with just us two twins. In today’s society we can’t tell you how many people’s dreams and goals are paralyzed by fear. Honestly we wish we had some stats or data to see the numbers but we talk about some ways to overcome your fears.

We also talk about Tai Lopez’s Law of 33% and how this can be applied to fitness as well as touching on Chris Record’s Gamifying Life theory and how this can be applied to fitness as well.

We really think you will enjoy this episode and especially how we take these concepts and apply them to fitness.

Show Notes

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In this episode

  • The law of 33% and how it can be applied to fitness
  • How to Gamify your fitness
  • Why fear paralyzes goals and dreams
  • Real life practical applications

In this episode, you will learn:

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