Erik Bustillo and Alexandra Theis


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Episode 16

Can Social Media Ruin your Body Image and Self Worth?

What’s up DDT Nation! In episode 16, we wanted to conduct a roundtable discussion on social media and its influence on body image and self-worth. This topic isn’t discussed enough in our opinions and it’s a very important topic for those that are looking to really turn their fitness journey into a long-term lifestyle. We had our team Registered Dietician, Erik Bustillo, and Mental Health Therapist, Alexandra Theis, chime in and give their thoughts on this topic.

We really think you will enjoy this episode and especially Alexandra and Erik’s practical applications they give.


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Alexandra Theis:



Thank you for taking the time to read about who I am and my role to Team DDT.

My name is Alexandra Theis and I am a mental health specialist with an affinity for fitness. Throughout the past few years, while gaining knowledge of the industry, competing and training for an upcoming powerlifting competition, I’ve seen a vast need for attention towards the mental component that comes along with competing. Our physical and mental well-being go hand in hand, but sadly we often sacrifice a yearning desire to bring our best package to the stage at the sake of our emotional health.

Our intensity can fuel positive outcomes but unfortunately, negative ones as well. In my efforts to achieve the ideal body, I became immersed in what would turn out to be a 7- year long battle with an eating disorder. Even after all the endless hours of cardio, restricting of certain food groups and countless dollar spent on fat-burners and other supplements, I still never was rewarded with what I thought was the ideal image. It wasn’t until I realized that there was something else, not visual to the naked eye that kept me trapped in the illness, did I start to make some changes. I had to change my focus and with that change, came a healthier me.

If you are struggling with body image or eating-related concerns, I am willing to listen and hopefully lend a helping hand. I look forward to talking with you.


Erik Bustillo:



Erik Bustillo is the Wellness Program Director at Elite Fit Forever in Miami Beach; alongside that, he is also a Registered Dietitian, Certified Sports Nutritionist through the International Society of Sports Nutrition- ISSN, and a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association – NSCA. Erik has experience in clinical research studies and extensive knowledge in medical nutrition therapy. He is actively involved with top organizations in the fields of Exercise Science and Sports Nutrition, making him well equipped with both knowledge and practice of cutting-edge research in these areas. Erik specializes in performance nutrition for athletes with his specialty being sports nutrition, supplementation, and motivation; this makes him a diverse health professional that excels in performance science. Erik has studied the science of nutrition for many years because he understands that nutrition is an elemental factor with our state of well-being. His mission is to make this world a better place and he strives to accomplish this by helping others achieve their health goals. He believes that with hard work and determination, everyone is capable of accomplishing what they set their mind to. Erik is passionate about making his patients/clients push themselves harder and further than they ever imagined. Erik’s practical approach puts exercise and nutritional science into easy to follow steps for action. Erik’s Affiliations International Society of Sports Nutrition National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Show Notes

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In this episode

  • Can social media ruin your body image
  • Can social media affect your self-worth
  • Comparing yourself to big name social media influencers and compromising your health
  • Mindset, ethics, and morals
  • Real life practical applications

In this episode, you will learn:

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