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Episode 110

How Boxing Can Enhance your Mind, Body, Soul, and Lifestyle with Marcelo Crudele

We can’t explain how fired up we are to share this amazing conversation we had with the founder and executive trainer of CMC Pro Boxing here in Los Angeles, Ca.

Marcelo Crudele, came to the United States at the age of 30, he was an immigrant from Venezuela, he had only $400 to his name, but he had a vision and dream to make something of himself.

When he first got to the US he worked many different jobs such as a roofer, selling insurance, pushing carts, etc. But he always had this love for boxing and he knew these other jobs were just temporary.

He started making extra money-charging $10 to teach sparring sessions to his co workers during breaks and lunches.

Marcelo moved to Venice California, he was inspired to start teaching boxing lessons in the parking lot across the street from the famous Golds Gym Mecca where Arnold Schwarzenegger and other legendary bodybuilders trained.

After teaching lessons to lawyers, doctors, business men, and professional athletes in the parking lot, word started spreading about his unique boxing lessons and in 2003 he opened the first CMC Pro Boxing Gym in Venice.

Are you fired up and ready to learn more about Marcelo, his journey, life lessons, and more?

Fasten your seatbelts ladies and gents and let’s get to know Marcelo Crudele!

In this episode

  • The key lessons he learned coming to the US from Venezuela with only $400 in his pocket
  • The amazing story on how he taught coworkers sparring lessons for $10, taught boxing lessons in a parking lot in Venice, and how that all led to now having 2 of the premier pro boxing gyms in Los Angeles
  • His strong beliefs in hard work, perseverance, consistency, good energy, positive attitude, and how that can carry over to your lifestyle
  • Why you should never judge a book by a cover and never forget who you are or where you came from

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How boxing can enhance your mind, body, soul, and lifestyle
  • Marcelo’s thoughts on “comfort kills growth” and CMC’s slogan “less talk more action”
  • How in life we all have a train that stops for us (a big opportunity), it’s our choice to get in that train and go on a journey because you never know when the next train is going to stop
  • Why waking up every day at 4:30 a.m. got him ahead in life and key lessons you can learn from waking up earlier

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