Katie Coles and Mark Springer

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Episode 101

The Next Generation of Nutrition and Ending Obesity with Katie Coles and Mark Springer

Imagine this…

What if you had a personal nutritionist in your back pocket?

Literally you pop out your phone from your back pocket, you’re able to get your dietary changes from a personalized nutrition algorithm, and thus you are getting great results within your fitness journey.

Sounds cool, right?

What’s awesome is we have 2 Rockstar guests for you in episode 101, Katie Coles and Mark Springer, Owners of Avatar Nutrition.

Avatar Nutrition is the new generation of nutrition and one of their main purposes and missions behind the company is to end the obesity epidemic.

Avatar Nutrition is a personalized nutrition algorithm that makes changes to your Macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, and fats).

Depending if you are in a calorie deficit and wanting to lose body fat or in a calorie surplus and wanting to gain lean body mass, Avatar Nutrition makes recommendations for you to get to your desired results.

Katie and Mark have done an amazing job with this new generation of nutrition platform and they have a huge mission and drive behind it to end obesity.

So, get ready to get to know Katie and Mark from Avatar Nutrition.

In this episode

  • How a personalized nutrition algorithm compares to an actual online coach, RD or nutritionist and helping someone in their fitness journey and what are the pros and cons
  • Where the Avatar Nutrition idea originated from and how they came up with their cool name
  • Why it’s so important to stay focused on the mission, your why, and purpose behind your business
  • The power behind using your fruits of your past struggles to make the world a better place

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The huge vision Avatar Nutrition has going forward to end the obesity epidemic
  • Some of the key ways to avoid internal doubts plus external struggles within business
  • How flexible dieting saved Katie’s relationship with food and this created a passion to get it out to the mainstream
  • Why you have to just jump into business and give yourself to the universe and grow wings to fly and learn as you go

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