John Lee Dumas

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Episode 62

Building Relationships Through Podcasting with John Lee Dumas

This guy is on Fiiiiiiiiiire!!!

And that is…John Lee Dumas (JLD)!

If you’re an entrepreneur and don’t know who JLD is, then shame on you!

All kidding aside, we have an awesome interview with JLD for you.

His podcast “Entrepreneur on Fire,” was awarded best of iTunes and he has recorded over 1,700 interviews.

That is just insane.

Besides Johns awesome podcast success, he is a very wise entrepreneur, has had some great coaches, he’s doing some really cool projects right now, and you can learn a lot from him by listening to this episode.

Without further ado, let’s get to know the “Entrepreneur on Fire,” JLD!

Show Notes

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In this episode

  • What the driving force has been to publish over 1,700 podcast episodes
  • What podcasters are doing right and what they’re doing wrong
  • The importance of investing in your personal development through having coaches
  • What it felt like and what it meant to him when his podcast was awarded best of iTunes

In this episode, you will learn:

  • 2-3 golden nuggets of advice from John for those looking to start a podcast
  • How he batches up his podcast interviews over the course of a couple of days to cover an entire months’ worth of content
  • His lowest point in his life, how he got out of it, and what he learned from it
  • How you can build some deep and powerful relationships through podcasting

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The New Era of Fitness

Our new physical paperback book is finally out!

We are pretty much giving it away “FREE” and giving away a “FEW BONUSES” along with it.

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